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Arden Park Garden Club Objectives

  1. To create interest and knowledge in amateur gardening, horticulture and the art of flower arrangement.
  2. To promote a better understanding of the environmental causes to which we contribute.

Message from the President--2016


I am your President for the next year and look forward to growth and new friendships. Let's all work together to create fun, laughter, making friends and learning new tips for growing our best gardens.

I joined the club three years ago because of my dear friend Madelyn (Madge) Alberti who was a member before me (now deceased.)

My love of gardening came from Nanny (my favorite Aunt Rene) with whom I spent a lot of weekends on their small farm. She taught me how to plant seeds at 3 years old and watch them grow.

Gardening is therapy all in itself, calming and soothing to your soul. It presents a relaxing atmosphere for happiness and general good health.

To this day, I love flowers, digging the dirt and watching what happens next. So come join me and others to share ideas, have lunch, meet speakers and grow with knowledge.


2016 Board

Treasurer: Larry Liseno

Secretary: Eileen Bowling

Vice President: Pat Stokes

Board Member: Carol Morey

Board Member: Stephen Rhodes

Board Member: Millie Bachofer

Board Member: Gail Ball

Past President: Corinne Liseno